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Some interesting facts about Coleshill. If you have facts to add, please email details over. Full credit given.

There are lots of fascinating stories about Coleshill, as we are made aware of them we’ll continue to publish them here. If you have a tale to tell please do contact us.

Brylcreem was born in Coleshill

It is said that the international brand Brylcreem was actually invented right on Coleshill High Street! It was later moved to a factory in Birmingham City Centre but it was born right here.

Resident, Nicola Hales tells us that “In 1895 a chemist in Coleshill called county Chemico invented Brycleem and Chemico . The demand of the products got so big that the company had to move to Bradford. Street Birmingham . I was totally amazed being told about this by my mom.”

Simon Field recalls that William Sumner opened the chemist and also invented Typhoo tea (see below) which is why we have Sumner Road. Also that John Sumner (a relation of William Sumner) also built the Almshouses in Sumner road For ‘well bred ladies of blame less character in reduced circumstances’

Bryan Smith tells us that the chemists where Brylcreem was invented was on the corner where the Cooperative funeral parlour is now. Another interesting fact from Bryan, is that “There was a big meeting in the 18th century (I think in 1785) between all the canal companies in the midlands to try and decide who should build what canal and where and establish, for the first time, something like a national network. The meeting took place in Coleshill – presumably at the Swan – and what came out of it was something called The Coleshill Agreement.

Lin Ramsdall Holmes agrees that “the chemist shop was on the corner where the co-op is but the chap who invented Brylcreem lived on the Lower High Street, my Great Grandmother knew him and lived over the road from him and told me all about it when I was a child. Although the chemist invented Brylcreem he did this in his garden shed at the rear of his house in Lower High Street just below Penns Lane and not actually in his chemist shop.”

Meda Beckett tells us a random fact about the football team: “In the late 1800’s the football team had a nick name of “The Rabbit Pies” because they were famous for their hospitality which always included feeding the opposition rabbit pies………yet another little known fact about our lovely Coleshill”.

Typhoo Tea is from Coleshill

The Sumner family are very well know historically, we even have Sumner Road which was named after William Sumner who it is said created Typhoo Tea.

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